Press Kit


IsoPaint is a quick, simple & fun isometric drawing app. It's designed to make isometric drawing easy for everyone, with no complicated layers, menus, filters or excessive tapping like similar apps.


Isometric images are not easy to make with traditional image editing software, to get the right aspect you will need a layout guide or other tooling.

IsoPaint makes drawing isometric images easy, by having rending the canvas usinging trangular pixels, all the user needs to do is tap on each pixel to fill with the color of their choice. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone (even with limited knowledge of isometric imagery) to draw amazing isometric images.

When creating these images, its oftern better to have a limited color set, thats why IsoPaint has a built-in color palette picker and over 50 custom hand picked color palettes to help users make beautiful images.

The Press kit contains high-resolution IsoPaint logos and a collection of product screenshots and examples of images created with IsoPaint.

Please feel free to use these in an editorial context. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]